Lamintang Language College

English Language Skills Training and Courses at LKP. Lamintang Education & Training (LET) Center is held under a special unit called Lamintang Language College, and abbreviated as LLC.

Through Lamintang Language College (LLC), students (i) can take English courses and training more directed and in accordance with the national curriculum. And after students (i) attend training, they can take the exam held by the institution and have the right to get a certificate for those who pass the exam.

The Course and Training Program held by Lamintang Language College (LLC) has been officially recognized by the issuance of the Operational Permit Decree No. KPTS.694 / 424.1 / PLS / XI / 2014 (and with No. NS-PNF: 186-NS-PNF-BTM-2014) by the Batam City Education Office on November 5, 2014.