Lamintang Home Schooling

Lamintang Education & Training (LET) Center organizes a Tutoring Program (BimBel) under a special unit called Lamintang Homeschooling, and abbreviated as LHS. Lamintang Homeschooling (LHS) is a development of a program held by Lamintang Education & Training (LET) Center when it was founded in 2007.

Lamintang Homeschooling (LHS) is growing rapidly. This is inseparable from the high commitment of the instructors (tentor). By looking at the background of the instructors who generally have teaching experience in formal schools, they are undoubtedly able to help students understand mathematics and natural sciences quickly and precisely.

The program held by Lamintang Homeschooling (LHS) has been officially recognized by the issuance of the Operational Permit Decree No. KPTS,000 / 000.0 / PLS / VIII / 2016 (and with No. NS-PNF: 000-NS-PNF-BTM-2016) by the Batam City Education Office on August 12, 2016.